Recent History

Season 1 Finale

Working to uncover the mysteries of the Kharan System, the Republic Agents exposed the plot. The Cult of the True Path, a pawn of the Sith Lord Darth Avarus, had infiltrated both sides to incite a civil war. The Jedi Master Ari Ceylon had founded the Shadows, attempting to counter the Cult. The Republic Agents eventually uncovered the truth of the situation, and joined with the Shadows to defeat the Cult. However, it was up to them when Sith forces attacked the Shadows’ main base, critically wounding Jedi Master Ceylon.

Foiling a false flag operation, the Agents worked with the Kharan Reformation to uncover evidence of the conspiracy. The Kharan Empire was convinced, and negotiations began in secret. The Sith, learning of this, launched a final mission of assassination. The Agents held off the onslaught, defeating trained Sith warriors and forcing one of Darth Avarus’ apprentices, the assassin Darth Kazumi, to flee. Finally working together, both the Reformation and the Empire purged their ranks of the infiltrators- as far as they could tell. The system had found stability. But from the lips of a surviving Sith assaulter, a former friend of the Jedi Knight Trey, Darth Avarus had learned of ancient Sith sorcery- and now was on a quest to achieve god like powers….

Mission Start Zero Hour

Republic agents, sent to the Kharan System, seek a meeting with the Queen. Meeting her in the atrium, the proceedings are interrupted by mysterious commandos. They say they are here to protect the Queen, and they assassinate General Schultzky, who they say is a traitor. Escaping via an advanced repulsorlift gunship with cloaking device, there is little evidence left behind.

Mission Start -12 days

Due to a unique dark matter hazard surrounding the Kharan System old style Hyperspace Nav Beacons must be used to mark the safe in and out routes. Mysteriously, the Nav Beacon in the mining star system of Tau-57 has been destroyed.

Mission Start -2 Months

The Kharan System, a Republic member with an important civil and military speeder production industry, is threatened with chaos and civil war. The old government, a balance of aristocratically dominated parliament with a strong monarch, is challenged by the Kharan Reformation pushing for democracy and openness in governance.

This situation threatens to greatly weaken the reconstruction efforts in the post Jedi Civil War era.

Mission Start -4 Months

The Republic and Jedi mount an all out attack on the Star Forge, destroying it and killing Malak. Revan and the brave crew of the Ebon Hawk are heralded as heroes of the Republic. Meanwhile, the Sith collapse into bickering factions.

Recent History

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