The Kharan System

The Kharan System is a binary star system in the Mid Rim. A Republic member world known for its production of speeders and high technology, the Kharan System stands at the brink of civil war.

Of astrometric significance is the surrounding dark matter nebula, a navigational hazard for hyperspace travel. The safe route in and out of the system is marked by an old style hyperspace navbouy. Use of the bouy is required for safe travel, although it is rumoured there are other safe routes.

Celestial Objects:

  • Kharan A – Yellow Dwarf Star
  • Kharan B – Red Dwarf Star
  • Vulcas – A rocky, hot world with little to no atmosphere
  • Rharak – A sun scorched planet, rock and desert
  • Kharan Minor – A warm world with large tropical regions
  • Kharan Major – A Corellia Type planet with many rolling plains and grasslands
  • Kharanus – A large gas giant with four moons

The government of the Kharan Empire, a monarchy supported by parliament, is challenged by the Kharan Reformation, a group dedicated to liberal reform and democratization. The Kharan Reformation has seized half the system, but there is a tentative cease fire until The Republic can send agents to take action.

The Kharan System

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