Character Generation

Season 2:

The Shadow of Victory is moving into its second season, to be started around the beginning of the 10/11 school year.

Characters are now at Level 11. Aside from that, rules will follow Season 1.

Season 1:

The Shadow of Victory is a campaign focusing on politics and intrigue as well as action and adventure.

Starting characters are as follows:

  • Level 8
  • Attributes 28 Point Buy + Lvl 4 and Lvl 8 increase
  • Sith Apprentice is not permitted
  • Corporate Agent requires GM Approval
  • Max Starting Credits
  • Prepare a list of equipment for GM Approval
HP Gain
  • d12 – 9
  • d10 – 7
  • d8 – 6
  • d6 – 4

A greater focus than the previous campaign (From Darkness, Light) will be on roleplaying. Come up with a concept and background for your character. Players will be working for the Republic initially so bare that in mind.

Each PC will have a contact. After developing your concept and background speak with the GM to hammer out the details.

Character Generation

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