The Shadow of Victory

Prelude 00A - Tracing Kavin

Freelancer Sven Corsik and Mandalorian Mercenary Solq Hollinger, in the employ of the Republic, were dispatched with the mission of tracking down a known smuggler by the name of Kavin Dreyliss.

Starting their search on his homeworld of Bothawui, they soon found he had skipped planet, leaving no word with known associates- Freelancer Corsik included.

Following the trail to the Bothan colony of Kothlis, the pair soon learned through the guile and quick wit that Dreyliss had checked into a little known hotel near the spaceport- not so run down as to be obvious and a short distance to move for his next step.

Using a cunning deception, Corsik got their way into the hotel room. Something wasn’t right, shuffling, a mechanical noise? Hollinger went into the bed area- suddenly to be ambushed by a Noghri and Human assassin! Soon, another Human leaped from his hiding place on the dark balcony and was joined by a Krath Wardroid bursting from the jacket armoire, ready to strike at Corsik.

Working as a team, Hollinger managed to get most of the ambushing assassins to focus on him with Corsik prepared to pick them off with well aimed shots.

Hollinger holds them off!

Fighting through grievous injuries and the weakness brought on by Noghri poison, Hollinger stood his ground. Soon, the enemies were cut down, with the last human assassin fleeing through the balcony with his grappling hook.

Searching the bodies, a mysterious mantra was found as well as a slightly damaged secondary droid memorybank. Later doing a full search, Corsik found a partially erased itinerary hidden in a back compartment- leading the duo to Ord Mantell.

Seeking out the locals, Corsik quickly learned credits talk in the local spacer’s cantina. The greedy bartender gladly sent them on their way to the outlying slums. Always wary, Hollinger played backup at Corsik tracked down his old friend.

Finally, contact was made. Information vital to the Republic efforts was gained- a secret route into the now mostly inaccessable Kharan System with a jump point from the Omega 42 system.

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